Custom content software version display

Hi, I was wondering if there is a convenient (programmatic) way of displaying software version for custom content (the library that generates it) in the report ?

Currently, I manually put in the static value of those versions in the multiqc_config.yaml file, like this:

  vsearch: "2.14.1"
  pear: "0.9.6"

I’m thinking I can extract those version info from the log file generated from those libraries and write the software version info in the multiqc_config.yaml file dynamically.

Does that sound right? Or there is a better way of doing this ?


I think that the easiest thing to do (which we sort of designed for this use case) is to create a new file alongside the custom content file:

You can have many *_mqc_versions.(yml|yaml) files, including duplicates, and they will be collapsed. So you can just spit that out at the same time and MultiQC should do the right thing.

Alternatively, depending on how you are using Custom Content, you may be able to put it in the same file. For example if you’re doing data as part of a config file. Again, duplicate version information should be deduplicated automatically.

I hope that helps!