Custom content table how to disable default sorting

I’m creating a custom content table and it looks like MultiQC is sorting the table alphanumerically by the 1st column (Sample) by default. How do I turn it off ? I want the samples to be displayed exactly as in my original data. Thank you !

Sure, this should be possible! Just set sort_rows to False in the table config:

"sort_rows": False

That’s great ! But it doesn’t seem to work for me ? I attached here my _mqc.yaml file. And the screen shot.

The table was still sorted by the Sample names. What went wrong here ?

report_mqc.yaml (1.2 KB)

Hmm, what version of MultiQC are you using? I just tried running with your example file and it worked as expected:

Looks like we caught a bug :slight_smile: It was v1.22.2

So I tried v1.19, this issue went away. BUT, looks like there is another issue: there should be a cutadapt module in the multiqc report, but it’s gone now (almost as if my custom report module took its place).

Lastly I tried v1.21, and it seems it’s the best working version for now…