MultiQC does not find picard rnaseqmetrics files

Hi! Using default MultiQC, in folder with subfolders per sample, the program does not find rnaseqmetrics files. I checked, and the “# picard.analysis.CollectRnaSeqMetrics” search string that is in the MultiQC documentation is also in my files. Here is an example file:
106132-001-001-TR6516.rna_metrics.txt (2.7 KB)
STAR and Trimmomatic files in the same folder are found without problems. Did I do something wrong?

Hi @Govert_Dwarshuis,

Apologies about this, it was a bug (see issue: incorporating CollectRnaSeqMetrics output in report · Issue #2608 · MultiQC/MultiQC · GitHub) but the good news is that it’s now been fixed:

We should be pushing a new release with this fix in a few days from now.


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