Dynamically change button name for reports that have percentages and counts/number_of_reads

Hi @ewels @vlad.savelyev

I am using MultiQC 1.21 and I see that certain plots/images that have both percentages and reads/counts are missing the button for “reads/counts”.

1.21 Picard Mark Duplicates

1.19 Picard Mark Duplicates

What’s actually happening in 1.21 (and from 1.20) is this

  • the percentages button is a toggle button (in Picard Mark Duplicates, fastp etc)
  • upon clicking the button, the plot below changes to show counts or number of reads - but the button name remains the same.

It would be great if the button name can dynamically change - a la how it changes in the General Stats table -

  • when you click “Violin Plot” the button changes to “table”

Without the button name change, it is going to catch lot of users unawares and they are going to get confused.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @ewels and @vlad.savelyev

I would appreciate any info/inputs you would have on this


Hello, @whattonameit.

Please, avoid replying to questions with mentions. Now, because your post had one reply (yours), people may think it’s already been handled. Now, two replies with mine.

Please, be patient and you’ll get an answer as soon as possible :wink:

Hi @whattonameit,

Both @vlad.savelyev and I are away at a company retreat currently, please open a GitHub issue about this and we’ll take a look when we’re back at a desk…

Thanks for reporting!


GH Missing tabs for Picard related plots in 1.20 and 1.21 compared to 1.19 · Issue #2417 · MultiQC/MultiQC · GitHub