How to add violin plot toggle to all MultiQC tables

Hi @ewels

In this blog post you mention that

As of MultiQC v1.20, any table can be shown as a violin plot with a simple toggle button in the report, no matter the number of samples

Are there examples on how to do this? Let’s say I wanted to do the same for all the tools that have table output in my pipeline - is there a global config that can be set such that all tables will have the violin plot toggle as shown in the blog gif -


Hi @whattonameit,

That button should show automatically for all tables I think. I take it that it’s not working for you? Could you provide a bit more info about how you’re generating your report?


Hi @ewels - I didn’t try it - when I posted the message as I thought some config enablement was needed.

I tried it now with some data of mine and it works. Thanks - you can close this.

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