How to update a merged file - new samples added

Hi there,

I’ve project with incoming RNA data on various times. For e.g, four batches arrive today (05/31) with ten samples each, after a month on 06/30 another batch arrives with 30 samples. We’ve in total 10*4 + 30 = 70 samples. And so on, more samples flow in as the project grows, sequencing generates data.

So far, the pipeline developed works great as to work with data on 05/31 (10*4 RNA samples), all four batches are analysed, merged, normalized, works good.

However, now, I’d like to run the pipeline with new data 06/30, 30 RNA samples. It’s important now to merge these 30 with the existing 40 RNA samples, normalize and perform the analysis.

I do not have a code to show this at the moment. I’m thinking out loud.

How do I enable this trickery in nextflow or pipeline?

I don’t understand what you’re describing. I’m inclined to say -resume should run the pipeline with your new samples and merge them with the rest later on, but it’s hard to be sure without seeing any code or a clearer description.

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