Nextflow Summit 2023: Barcelona

The Nextflow Summit 2023 is coming!

In 2023 we have two Nextflow Summit events! Barcelona and Boston! :tada:

Are you coming? Time to get excited!

See you there!


Really enjoyed the Barcelona Summit. Great buzz and so much bigger than when I was last there 2 years back


Soon, we will have the photos on the website (as we did for the Summit 2022 and Hackathon Oct 2022) :partying_face:. And even though we already have the three-day videos from live streaming and some talks on YouTube, the idea is to have individual videos for every talk, like we did last year. This is great, as even for in-person attendance, we’re not always able to watch everything :wink:

They’re processing slowly… All of Day 1 and most of Day 2 are online already. I’ll keep them coming as fast as I can, hopefully should all be online within the next few days.