What is your Nextflow emacs setup?

Hi all,

I’m interested to hear how people are writing Nextflow code in emacs?

I have set up the emacs nextflow mode, but the syntax highlighting is somewhat wonky and I’m not sure it is still developed. Also it would be really nice to have some kind of interactive mode, but I’m not sure it is even possible to support that in emacs because of the way it has been implemented in Nextflow.

Would love to hear peoples experience!

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Not an emacs user myself, but I know that @emiller is. He wrote some notes with links to helpful packages which may be helpful:


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Author of nextflow-mode here.

Actively used by myself most days. Agreed that the syntax highlighting is wonky :grimacing:

I’ve been meaning to rewrite some basic Tree-sitter support for Nextflow which would be a better effort on the syntax highlighting. Looks like there’s been some effort with GitHub - matthuska/tree-sitter-nextflow: Tree sitter parser for nextflow!

Tree-sitter is definitely the direction neovim/Emacs/Zed are moving in and rightly so. I just can’t find the motivation to try to get bash script syntax highlighting in Nextflow script directives with elisp. :melting_face:

In terms of interactivity, I’ve seen that snakemake-mode has some of those features, but I haven’t played around with them. Thought about doing some of it for Nextflow, but I always find this code launching bits in Emacs to be flakey.

My Emacs Nextflow Workflow

Decided to just make a quick blog-post since I’ve talked about this enough with David Gemperline and others.

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