Adding glimpse support

Hi !
I’m working to add support to the Glimpse concordance analysis tool.
I’ve added some test-data to the MultiQC repository but I’m not sure they are sufficient.

Should I run a bigger analysis to have more data to work with ?

Looks like plenty, thanks! We don’t really care if the data is realistic for these tests, the most important thing is that the outputs cover the range of possible outputs from the given tool. In fact I tend to push in the other direction, requesting that test data be made smaller so that the repo filesize doesn’t get too huge.

Also any edge cases that you can think of are good. For example, a common crash that people encounter is if they run a given tool on an empty FastQ file or some other weirdly empty data :sweat_smile:

Normally the tool should not run if files have missing data.
I’ll try to think about it.
Is there scheduled review for the issue on the MultiQC repositories ?
I don’t really know how it works for this repo.

Then no need to do anything :+1:

Not as such, we will get to it ASAP. The team (@vlad.savelyev) is currently seconded on another project at Seqera so we’re likely to be a bit slow for the coming few weeks, but we’ll get to it as fast as we can… Feel free to bribe us with biscuits if you need things to move quickly for some reason :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot.
I’m not really in a hurry but I’ll be happy to send some cookies if it can help :cookie: :doughnut:

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