New module in Multiqc not launching

Hi !
The PR is now ready for one of the files generated by GLIMPSE2_concordance.
The problem I’m having is that multiqc doesn’t seem to launch the module created (I put a at the start of the init).
It may be that I haven’t configured a file correctly but I can’t find out which one.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot

While doing some debugging, it seems that when i do
python -m cProfile -o /path/to/multiqc path/to/data the file is correctly launched but not if I update my local multiqc with pip install -e . then multiqc /path/to/data.

Hi @LouisLeNezet,

Let’s take this discussion on GitHub on the PR please, to keep everything together.


Hi Phil,
Sorry for the missusage.

No worries! The forum is new, still figuring these things out :slight_smile:

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