Custom content table highlight a row below threshold value

Hi, I am trying to highlight a specific row with value below my threshold value in my custom table. How do I do it ?

The row I want to highlight is ‘CIMS-CA-020-IH-X9-Test1’ with mean read depth being 2 (threshold value is 10)

In my current script which generates the _mqc.yaml file, I used ‘min’, which gives the coloring of rows with mean read depth at least 30. But how do I color/highlight those rows below a threshold value at the same time?

headers = {
        'col1': {
            'title': 'Mean read depth',
            'description': 'we include only reads with at least 2 sequence count',
            'format': '{:,.1f}',
            'min': 30

Thanks again !

Sure - the feature that is best designed for this is “Conditional formatting” - see the docs:

So off the top of my head, it’d be something like this:

      - lt: 10

That will highlight the value itself with a special label so that it stands out. Does that do the job?


Thank you, Phil. I was able to add that in the multiqc_config.yaml file and it worked fine !

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