Does multiqc accept non-existing modules listed in the run_modules section?

So I’m pretty new to multiqc. I noticed that I can write anything under the run_modules section of the mqc-config-yml and multiqc will just run with it:

Content of mqc-config-yml:

  - custom_content
  - qwerasdf

But multiqc doesn’t complain about the non-existing module qwerasdf:

$ multiqc --force --config mqc_config2.yml .

  /// MultiQC πŸ” | v1.18

|            config | Config 'custom_logo' path not found, skipping (nf-core-sarek_logo_light.png)
|           multiqc | Only using modules: custom_content, qwerasdf
|           multiqc | Search path : /users/people/andped/test_mqc
|         searching | ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 100% 12/12  
|    custom_content | id2_raw: Found 1 sample (image)
|    custom_content | id1_raw: Found 1 sample (image)
|           multiqc | Report      : multiqc_report.html   (overwritten)
|           multiqc | Data        : multiqc_data   (overwritten)
|           multiqc | Plots       : multiqc_plots   (overwritten)
|           multiqc | MultiQC complete

Shouldn’t multiqc fail or at least give a warning about the inclusion of the non-existing module qwerasdf?

P.S. My reason for looking into this is because I inherited a mqc-config-yml which includes soapnuke as a module, and I don’t think such a module exists. Very confusing.

Huh, good spot. Yes we should at least throw a warning about that. I made an issue for it: