Include nf-validation in the "-all" nextflow binary


It seems more and more nf-core pipelines are requiring the nf-validation plugin. Would it be possible to include this one as well in the “-all” binary of nextflow to simplify the process of getting a working nextflow environment up and running on an offline cluster.

Thank you!

Yeah we’ve been discussing this a fair bit recently, we need a better solution.

Inclusion in the -all binary is not likely to happen any time soon, but there are a bunch of open issues and PRs looking into improving the current installation process:

What would be super nice is if we can create a custom download bundle creator, where you can specify Nextflow plugins at the point of download. Then we could maintain an nf-core specific package, for example. I think @bentsherman has this use case in mind already.


Thank you Phil! Looking forward to see these improvements!

It might be mentioned in some of the issues already but let me just point out that the documentation for offline plugin (stable link for future) usage explicitly mentions using the -all binary and then download extra plugins for that one. But if I understand it correctly, it’s not possible to use non-core plugins for the -all binary at all.

I take it that trying out the regular binary and then attempting to install plugins on that one and then explicitly pinning these in the config is the current strategy?

Ah good spot, that needs fixing.

Correct :+1:

Hopefully won’t have to explicitly pin in the config for much longer :crossed_fingers:

PR to fix the docs now open here. Thanks for spotting that!