Platform launch folders and concurrent Nextflow runs

I’m trying to use the Seqera Platform to submit multiple instances of the same pipeline, with different inputs, over a SLURM cluster. So far, I’ve been able to successfully run the individual instances, but if I were to send more than one at the same time the SLURM jobs get stuck (they keep running, but indefinitely). I believe the issue is that the Nextflow run instances are executed from the same directory, and this messes up the .nextflow folder content and, hence, all the executions.

Now, I’ve tried several configurations for both Pipeline and Compute Environment, however, I’m a bit confused by the use of the Work and Launch directories. Considering that when I launch a pipeline, the latter gets cloned/downloaded into a “bucket” specified by the Pipeline’s “Work directory”, I thought that Nextflow would have been run from this directory, and so the .nextflow folder would not be affected by other concurrent runs; however, this actually goes into the Compute Environment “Work directory”, which is the same for runs that use the same Compute Environment, and cannot be changed within the Pipeline submission form, thus creating the issue of a shared .nextflow folder and SLURM getting stuck.

Is my reasoning sound or have I misunderstood the workflow structure and, therefore, wrongly configured the environment? Is there a work-around for running multiple pipeline instances that does not involve duplicating the same Compute Environment, and having each duplicate with a unique “Work directory”?

For context, these are the folders that the pipeline uses and, one question I have is if and how one can set the launchDir to the projectDir, which contains the cloned/downloaded pipeline.

launchDir       : /mnt/scratch/pipeline
workDir         : /mnt/scratch/seqera_buckets
projectDir      : /mnt/scratch/seqera_buckets/.nextflow/pipelines/9dccf661/pipeline

Thank you.

Best regards