Specifying equivalent of -dump-hashes on Seqera Platform

When resuming our pipelines that have been launched from Seqera Tower, either via the LaunchPad, or programmatically via an Action, the resume function works inconsistently. When using -resume on the same pipelines launched locally, resume works every time. To debug this, I’d like to examine the cache hashes.

When running a Nextflow pipeline from the CLI I can add -dump-hashes.

Where and how can I add this argument in the Seqera Tower interface to the same effect?

Found it in the docs here: https://docs.seqera.io/platform/23.2.0/faqs#nextflow-configuration

" As of Nextflow v22.09.1-edge, when invoking a pipeline from Tower, you can specify Nextflow CLI run arguments by setting the NXF_CLI_OPTS environment variable via pre-run script:

export NXF_CLI_OPTS='-dump-hashes'

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Sadly, on implementation, this didn’t work :frowning:

Relaunching with:

Led to…

This was with N E X T F L O W ~ version 24.04.2

You can enable this in the Nextflow configuration section using:

dumpHashes = true

It’s a little hard to find because it’s under Configuration — Nextflow documentation