Community Nextflow Foundational Training

Community Nextflow Foundational Training

Join us from March 5-6 for the Community Nextflow Foundational Training event!

The training is entirely virtual and free and will cover the fundamentals of using Nextflow. While the training will offer something for all skill levels it will be especially useful for those who are new to Nextflow and the nf-core community, or if you are thinking about joining the nf-core Hackathon for the first time.

Prior knowledge of Nextflow is not required but will make it easier to understand new concepts.


Registration for the training is now OPEN! :tada:

Please sign up here


Training sessions will be available from 3 pm (CET) each day. Each session will be approximately 3 hours.

Session 1 (March 5)

Session 1 will provide an overview of core Nextflow concepts. You will be taken through example Nextflow pipelines and introduced to concepts that will be expanded in Sessions 2.

  • An introduction to Nextflow and nf-core (30 min)
  • Getting started with Nextflow (30 min)
  • A proof of concept RNA-Seq pipeline (60 min)
  • Managing dependencies and containers (30 min)
  • Groovy introduction (30 min)

Session 2 (March 6)

Session 2 will provide a deeper dive into Nextflow. You will revisit concepts from Session 1 and learn more about Nextflow features and how to use them.

  • Channels, Processes, and Operators (60 min)
  • Modularization (20 min)
  • Configuring pipelines (20 min)
  • Deployment scenarios (20 min)
  • Cache and resume (20 min)
  • Troubleshooting (20 min)
  • Getting starting with Seqera Platform (20 min)

Follow this link for more information