Ln: failed to create symbolic link

I have a process X that is failing when running with a bigger dataset. One of the inputs is a list of files like this:

input: path('*')
and the process writes a bunch of files as an output. The same process is working for similar data and at first I though it could be a memory issue because of the following error:

But when changing to the work dir and running bash .command.run I get the following message:

ln: failed to create symbolic link 'primary-f0-r6-c1-z0.tiff': File exists

Any ideas/suggestions on how to troubleshoot? Already tried giving more resources but in principle that should not matter. Many thanks for any feedback/suggestions!

The exit status 137 occurs when a container’s memory exceeds the memory limit set. I would bet on that for a start. Try increasing the memory limits of your container engine and try again.

It worked, thanks! But I am still struggling to find out way since it is only a simple python function that writes a bunch of files. In any case thank you very much :slight_smile:

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