Save as pipeline requirements

Hi, I’m trying to save my jobs as pipeline without success. The jobs are simple nextflow pipelines launched fron our HPC. When I press “save as pipeline”, nothing happens. My guess is that I need some additional configuration files in my pipeline, or maybe I need it to be on some public repository, but I cannot find any doc about requirements.

Hi @arnaudceol,

I get the same behaviour, together with an error reported in the browser console. You may have uncovered a bug in Seqera Platform. We’re looking into it now…


Ok, after a bit more testing - the failure I got was with a very very old pipeline run (from 2022). Trying on newer runs works fine.

Are you able to provide any more information about your setup where this is happening? Can you see any errors in the browser console?

Right, I think we have figured it out. This is the key:

This feature only works when launching a pipeline from Seqera Platform directly - it does not work when running Nextflow manually with with-tower. It just happened that the first one I tried it on was an old run of mine where I had launched the run this way.

There isn’t much that we can do to make this work, however the option should be removed from the menu in these cases and the difference should be documented. I’ll look into getting those two things done. Thanks for raising this!


Thanks @ewels , I understood it after using it for some time and some exchanges with seqera’s support, although some error message would be useful.

I’m not sure to understand why I should create a pipeline from a run that I launched from the dashboard, and therefore is already a pipeline.

Seqera Platform has a “Quick Launch” interface where you can run pipelines without going through the Launchpad. For example, if you use the Launch interface from a website pipeline page, this is used. Then it can be useful.

I’ve raised better error messages / improved UI as a ticket internally, so this should hopefully be improved soon.

ok, thanks