Wave container builds failing due to private ECR path modifications

Hi there,

In the past couple hours, all of our seqera cloud-launched nextflow pipelines utilizing wave containers have been failing to build.

These are pipelines we routinely run, with wave containers stored in our private AWS ECR e.g.: [acct].dkr.ecr.[region].amazonaws.com/wave_build.

I’ve noticed in the wave build logs that the path to the container image is being modified to a path that does not exist and that we do not specify, with /library/ being inserted e.g.: [acct].dkr.ecr.[region].amazonaws.com/library/wave_build:[image] This results in a permissions error because this path does not exist in our private repo.

Scratching my head here on how to work around, would appreciate any input!

Thanks for reporting @bmead - responded and dealt with on your GitHub issue :+1: