Workflow unable to find input from Seqera Datasets

Hi there! I’ve been trying to launch a Pipeline from Seqera cloud today (which I’ve previously been able to run multiple times), where my pipeline input is a .csv created in Seqera Datasets. In the past this has worked seamlessly, however as of today my pipeline is throwing:

ERROR ~ No such file or directory:[####]/datasets/[####]/v/1/n/samplesheet.csv

where [####] are my dataset-specific identifiers.

Any pointers? Will retry with the samplesheet hosted in my cloud storage (as opposed to Datasets).

Pipeline does not throw this error when I use cloud storage-hosted file, suggesting this is a Seqera Cloud issue.

Hi @bmead: thanks for the report.
I was checking your issue and was able to download correctly datasets.

May I ask you to perform the download of the dataset that is not loading in the pipeline from the platform itself and see if it works? There is a download dataset button in the “view dataset” page just before the csv preview.

I need you to confirm that the download succeeds and that the filename correspond to the one you posted in the issue (samplesheet.csv).


Confirmed! I can download the dataset, and the file name matches (samplesheet.csv), it appears the issue only happens when I go through launching the workflow via seqera cloud.

Perhaps also relevant - I am able to launch a different pipeline using an input samplesheet from datasets in another workspace we manage, without issue.

@bmead we deployed a fix that should restore the functionality. Please let us know if the issue is resolved

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Awesome - just tested and appears functionality is restored!

Much appreciated!!