Execution Log "No data available" using Google Batch

I have an nf-core workflow running on Sequera Tower. When I look at Task Details, the About tab fills in, however the Execution Log Tab shows “No Data Available” and Data Explorer Tab is empty (some words flash by, but I cannot read them. However the Top-Level Data Explorer works as expected.

This is definitely a bug in the portal. I suspected I had a permission issue. However, I am seeing the Execution Log (top level) and on Task Details almost always respond with “No Data Available”. If you refresh the page, you “may” see the log. It may take several attempts. It would be very helpful if this got fixed.

Hi @qup9, could you describe your set up? What compute environment are you using, which pipeline, etc. It could be the files are inaccessible to the platform for some reason (connectivity, permissions, the files aren’t where they expect) and we need to refine down what the cause is.

Did you see my note about it working “sometimes”. This makes me think it is not a permission issue. Perhaps a timing issue. If the request is async and is only allowing a few seconds to complete, that would account for the behavior I see.

Thanks, I see the bug now and can recreate it. Are you using Chrome? Could you try a different browser such as Firefox or Safari?

I see the same behavior in Edge.

Unfortunately Edge is a built on Chromium and unlikely to see a from Chrome, do you see it in Safari or Firefox? Is the log file correct when you download the log file (top right of window)?

To clarify, there is definitely a bug and we’ve raised it as an issue, but I want to refine down exactly the bug is occurring to help fix it quickly.

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I am seeing this issue in GCP. Not so much in Azure. Also, the Data Explorer tab of Task details appears to do nothing in either environment. I would expect it to expose the files for each task (work directory), in my case something like: gs://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/scratch/92/ff25a9e863395ec96c61e382d15acc