Problems using Nextflow to run NanoRtax Pipeline

Hello! I am trying to run this pipeline called NanoRtax (GitHub - genomicsITER/NanoRTax: Real-time analysis pipeline for nanopore 16S rRNA data) to analyze my nanopore 16s data, specifically I want to reach the diversity matrics. They provide a script called and apparently I just have to give it my fastq samples.

This pipeline is built using Nextflow. I managed to install Nextflow using a version of miniconda from 2020 that got provided by the performance computing facility of my institution.

This is the code I am writing on the command line: nextflow run --reads ‘home/irodriguez1/cquinones/fastq_pass/barcode01/AQG952_pass_barcode01_eb363db4_310c5cba_0.fastq’ -profile conda

However I keep on getting this error: N E X T F L O W ~ version 23.10.1
Nextflow DSL1 is no longer supported — Update your script to DSL2, or use Nextflow 22.10.x or earlier

Any tips on how to fix this? I looked over the script and it is properly written in DSL2 syntax.

Thank you!

Nextflow DSL1 is no longer supported in recent versions of Nextflow. According to the output you shared, you’re running Nextflow 23.10.1, a stable version released at the end of 2023. The option you have (apart from converting the pipeline to DSL2 :sweat_smile:) is to run Nextflow in a 22.10.x version. You can do that with the following command:

NXF_VER=22.10.1 nextflow run --reads ‘home/irodriguez1/cquinones/fastq_pass/barcode01/AQG952_pass_barcode01_eb363db4_310c5cba_0.fastq’ -profile conda