Issue with the test that is using latest Nextflow version

I am currently updating some modules of the GitHub - nf-core/pangenome: Renders a collection of sequences into a pangenome graph. pipeline. The test with all software latest does not run through anymore due to some parsing problem of the latest Nextflow version?
Somebody got any ideas? Thanks! update wfmash, multiqc by subwaystation · Pull Request #165 · nf-core/pangenome · GitHub. The code that is apparently malfunctioning was not touched within this PR.

Hello, @subwaystation. If I’m not mistaken, this was due to Nextflow recent change to Groovy 4, and the error you were running into was solved by this commit from @Adam_Talbot, right?

Yep, although there seems to be some nuance which you can find detailed here: Config parsing error in 24.01.0-edge when using `includeConfig` of assignment of function value · Issue #4722 · nextflow-io/nextflow · GitHub

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